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Facing The Crisis Together

We believe there’s power in numbers. That’s why we focus on building connections with other organizations and individuals that we trust. Together, we are bigger and better, and work with each other to bring health care and nutrition to those that need it the most.


Our Approach

Growth in numbers

We work towards building relationships and alliances with institutions and individuals. This allows us to learn more about specific contexts, and with new knowledge comes new ways to improve our programs. Alongside strong partners with different expertises, we can take bigger steps toward a healthier Venezuela.

Under the radar

Because of the uncertain nature of the Venezuelan situation, we try to keep a low profile. Part of the uncertainty involves government hostility to foreign humanitarian activity, which makes us cautious and selective in our collaborations. That means trust is at the heart of our partnerships—that way we can ensure our help (and your donations) are safely delivered where they’re most needed.

Serving children

While we do not necessarily turn away opportunities to work with adults in need, our programs primarily revolve around children. We believe in the power of children to spread hope and joy to their families and communities, and we work to restore their health so they can share their smiles.


Our Partners

We work closely with our trusted partners to support the work they do out on the field every day. They’re on the front-lines of the crisis, and we’ve got their back.


SOS Somos Portuguesa

Our primary alliance is with the Venezuelan nonprofit SOS Somos Portugusa—a small group in the state of Portuguesa that organizes weekly medical missions throughout neighboring villages. They bring medicine and medical attention to the children in the villages, who are far away from most of the country’s doctors. We supply them with medicine and other materials (toys, sunscreen, cell phones) to bring to the children, and have also financed cars for their transport.


Hospital Ortopédico Infantil

El Hospital Ortopédico Infantil is an established private nonprofit hospital in Caracas, Venezuela that focuses on orthopedic surgery for children. We send them the surgical supplies we receive from donations so they can be prepared to treat their patients. If they don’t need the supplies we send them, they trade them with other hospitals. That way we can make sure that the supplies we send is always reaching the people that most need it.


CESAP / Caritas

CESAP is a large nonprofit institution based in Caracas, Venezuela that works on coordinating and structuring social programs. We have been collaborating with them in a nutritional therapy program to combat the rampant child malnutrition in Venezuela. This program is being carried out by Caritas Internationalis, a Catholic social service organization that serves communities worldwide. Together we are bringing children in Venezuela back to good health.


Caracas Cardiac

One of our smaller partnerships is with a trusted cardiologist working in Caracas, Venezuela. We send cardiac medicine and supplies for their patients, and they help us to connect extra supplies to other doctors or hospitals that may need it. Little by little, we’re working together to keep the beat alive in Caracas.

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