Holiday Saludos Bazaar

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Talking Points


educate guests about Saludos and its mission

relay a sense of the impact that Saludos has made in Venezuela


Saludos mission

The mission of Saludos Connection is to build connections to facilitate access to healthcare, education, and nutrition in Venezuela.

In 2016, Saludos Connection partnered with SOS Somos Portuguesa, a non-profit institution based in Turen, Portuguesa, Venezuela. They bring medical teams to villages all over the state of Portuguesa. Saludos provides them with medicine and supplies and even a car to help them take care of children in these villages.



From November 2016 to October 2017, Saludos Connection has sold:

    300+ hallacas

    700+ arepas

    150+ cups of chicha

    150+ plates of pabellon criollo



$10 will buy enough treatment for 12 children — buying an hallaca will help us get there!

$5 will buy enough treatment for 6 children — buying a ticket / wine will help us get there!

$2 will buy enough treatment for 2 children — buying a beverage will help us get there!

Money obtained from purchases and donations are will all go towards the mission.

This means paying for medicine, shipments, and other events to raise more funds.


Purchases are either entry tickets or food items that guests buy.

Donations are monetary gifts that guests give without anything in return.


Our hope is that guests leave the Holiday Saludos Bazaar understanding that:

Venezuela is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in its history, and

organizations like Saludos Connection are working to change that


If a guest asks you something you don't know, make sure to find us so you can answer them!

        Pablo (713) 409-9943

        Ujala  (832) 283-5782

        Tinta   (713) 409-9942


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