we would like to celebrate


To change the world, we each have to do our part. Even through everything else that’s happening, you found the strength to do yours and trusted in us to do ours. Now, in true Venezuelan spirit, we would like to celebrate you for being the shining star among us.


Since you joined,
together we've accomplished


Fanning the Femmes

The stories of the five Women of the Venezuelan Chaos have spread throughout the world.

And it’s not about to stop. You made sure of that. After its round in Houston, it launched its official premiere in Miami in April. Between that, the documentary has traveled to more than 10 cities, 8 countries, and 8 festivals, including the New York Human Rights Festival in June.

Though not an uplifting film, you are now a part of it. Later this year, you will get the chance to connect even further with the chaos. Kim, the nurse, is coming to Houston.


Building up our bonds

We’ve upgraded our teamwork with our partners. 

With our partners, the goal is to let them focus on taking care of people. Not scavenging to find the tools to do so. You all stepped up to the challenge, and we hit the home run. In 2018, we’ve been able to send two entirely customized shipments with the antibiotics, rehydration salts, and more that SOS Somos Portuguesa needs.


Making your mark

Empathy and trust are words that you have turned into action.

Nothing of what we do would be possible without your part on the All-Star team. Taking the leap and joining us in changing the Venezuelan crisis means the world to us. And in that, you’re leaving your mark on the world.

We are now an official 501(c)(3) corporation in the USA, so it’s time to make our mark even bigger.


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