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We're changing Venezuela together.

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Our local partners work to provide treatment to the most vulnerable.


Our partner institutions include hospitals and other relief and health focused non-profit organizations.


Our impact so far

over the counter medicine

Over the counter medicine for 2,571 people

We sent 2,571 containers of over the counter medicine to treat people.

These include analgesics, antihistamines, rehydration solutions, and vitamins.

prescription medicine

Prescription medicine for 501 people


We sent 501 containers of prescription medicine to treat people.

These include antibiotics, bronchodilators, and others

medical supplies

Medical supplies for 697 people

We sent 697 containers of supplies to treat people.

These include syringes, gloves, masks, antiseptics, surgical blades, sutures, catheters, bandages, and tubes.


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 Saludos Connection is a US 501(c)(3) public charity.